happy birthday joe

I had so much trouble writing this post about Joe.

I think I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do him justice, like words alone weren’t able to describe how I love him or how awesome he is. The fear of this paralyzed my writing brain. I’ve never publicly written about Joe - the most important person in my life.

How do you describe someone you love so much? How do you make it sound original and not trite? How can I explain that he’s my best friend without everyone thinking, “yeah, that’s how every relationship is…” It’s not the same. He's my soulmate.

Happy Birthday, 28-year-old Joe. You’ve always been the youngest in our friend groups, but no one would ever notice. Your wisdom and attitude is far beyond your years. You offer a calming presence, a listening ear, a peacemaking attitude, a thoughtful mind, a powerful perspective. You’re all this and more, and still, you haven’t reached your full potential. It’s so amazing to think that every year we’re together, you grow more and more beautiful.

I’m so lucky to have you.


You’re the kind of person everyone likes and the kind of person anyone can get along with. I can’t think of a single person you’ve ever offended or a single person you’ve rubbed the wrong way. Everyone I’ve met from your past and present respects and admires you. You even charm older ladies in the supermarket with your lovely locks and icy blue eyes. 

In contrast with me, a required-taste and a feisty personality, you seem like a saint. Thank you for loving me so well and never faltering. 

I’ve compared myself to you for years, worrying that you’re too good for me, too even-tempered for me, too perfect for me, and too good-looking for me. 

Now I’m learning to just be thankful you’re here.

No one gets this Joe, but me. 




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