my skincare routine


I'm SUPER excited to talk about skincare today. It's something I'm obsessed with and talk about all the time with Joe, but never really share online. I think next to fashion photography, it's my biggest obsession and favorite thing to learn about. 



My favorite step is cleansing. If you wanted to change one thing about your routine without spending all your money, I would highly recommend oil cleansing. I've been cleansing this way for 3+ years, and have no intention of going back. 

Basically you pick an oil (I use avocado oil, but you can use a variety of oils: grapeseed, sweet almond, sunflower seed oil, etc), and pour a little pool into the palm of your hand. Then you smear it all over your face and rub the oil around in small circles, even over you mascara'ed eyes (incidentally it's my favorite way to remove tough mascara). The oil dissolves oils and breaks down dirt and makeup on your skin. Sometimes - most times - you can feel what they call "grits" under you finger tips as you massage your skin which is dead skin or makeup rolling up into tiny balls :) (you might think that's gross, but I think it's satisfying!). 

Rinse off your hands with a little soap and water and grab your washcloth. Dampen it with hot water and lay it over your face. The heat and steam feel great and they soften your pores and skin. Then gently wipe away the makeup, dirt, and oil. I rinse and repeat this step about 3 times until my face feels clean. Another plus about oil cleansing is my face never gets that tight, dry feeling afterward that some cleansers or soaps can cause. 

Tip* some people get grossed out by washcloths saying that you should always use a fresh cloth or makeup wipe to clean you face to avoid bacteria buildup. Sure! I agree! But also I'm all about decreasing my waste. Just be sure to wash your washcloth or towel frequently :)

If this is still weird, emulsifying oils do exist - this basically means that the oil rinses off with water by some supernatural powers (how does it work?!). You can use these, too! However I prefer just a regular bottle of avocado oil because it's cheaper, and it's only one ingredient. My face is so fussy and reactive, so I like knowing my cleanse will be gentle. Thank you cleanse! I can always count on you. 




If I'm going to mask, I do it now! I've experimented with a ton of masks and have a lot I hate, some that didn't do nuthin', and some I love. Go figure. 

I regularly use the Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy mask. I like this because, in my opinion, it does what it says which is rare (if you can believe it) in the skincare world. It's an AHA/BHA clarifying, gently exfoliating and resurfacing mask. You're supposed to use this mask more frequently when you first try it, then switch to using it 2 to 3 times a week. When I do this the pores on my nose look more cleaned out than before! 

You put a thin layer on your skin and let it dry for 15 - 20 minutes, then wash it off (you can use a washcloth to wipe off excess that doesn't rinse with water and help exfoliate away the dead skin). This mask tingles/burns my face a bit, but it says it'll do that on their website, so ...okay. 

Next, another favorite mask is the Reborn facial mask by Root Science. It's a clay mask that leaves my skin looking really clean and feeling really smooth. It comes in powdered form and you add water. I mix one teaspoon mask with one teaspoon water and mix it up with my fingers. Then I directly apply it over clean skin. Wait 20 minutes or until it's all dry and cracked and you look like the lizard people. Then soften with lukewarm water and massage it all around for some nice exfoliation, and rinse! (this mask leaves my face red like other bentonite clay masks, but in the morning, it's back to normal and my face looks glowy)

Tip* I recommend bringing one paper towel sheet into the bathroom to dry your face after rinsing especially if you have white towels like me! The mask is black, and I always miss some on my hair line. 

Pro Tip* Wash it off in the shower! - night showers are the best for sexy, voluminous hair and washing off your masks without splashing clay all over your mirror.

Another mask I have pictured is the Herbivore Botanicals Brighten mask. I haven't noticed as many results from this one, but it doesn't hurt my face which is a plus for me. I'm going to continue to use it and try to be more consistent with it. 



You've all heard it before, moisturizing is a really important step in your skincare routine. I moisturize after every wash and YOU SHOULD TOO. I've been through a myriad of creams and oils. Some didn't turn out to be what I wanted, some broke my heart, some made promises they couldn't keep, and some, I cheated on when I found someone better. 

I'm still not sure if I'm into oils 100%, but they are the most natural and hurt my face less than creams. My face is very oily which is another reason why oils are a little weird for me sometimes. It's oily when it's dry, when it's moist, in the morning, in the summer, after I put on mattifying creams. It's annoying. 

That being said...The oil I'm into lately is Herbivore Botanicals Lapis oil. One tip I've learned sort of recently about oil is to use way less than you think and spend some time massaging it in. The massaging part has really helped me. I spend like five minutes gently massaging my face which is nice, except when you want to just jump in bed already or are late for something. I use 3 - 4 drops of this oil. It's supposed to be for oily or acne prone skin, so yay! Now that it's winter though, my skin wants a little more moisture, so I ordered the phoenix oil from Herbivore to try.

At night, before the lapis oil, I use another product by Herbivore Botanicals called Moon Fruit Night Treatment. It's a purple cream and you just take a little bit to rub into your face. You have to rub it in really well otherwise the oil massage you're about to bust out will pill up all your night treatment. After I use this my face looks so non-red and normal (my face is always slightly pink). I kind of want to stop there, but it's definitely not enough moisture for me. 

Next, I was just gifted a product from Maven Botanics called Enlightened which is a moisturizing oil. My husband and I both tried it, and it soaks in better than any other oil we tried and makes your face look more moisturized which is only something a person who stares closely into a mirror every few hours would notice. Joe has been using it regularly and his face has been lookin tight. My face gets slightly red with it, and I think it's because of the essential oils in it. I've found my face skin doesn't like essential oils, but if yours is fine with it, I would highly recommend this for winter!

Tip* I usually give myself a spritz of rosewater before my oil and after and after I apply makeup and a bunch of other times during the day. Makes me feel refreshed {Insert the sound of opening up an ice cold Lacroix}.



For lips I love Glossier's Balm Dotcom original recipe. If you remember, I once mentioned that this product hurt the back of my throat when I inhaled (weird). I have since come full circle, and it's currently my favorite lip stuff. Which is an important lesson. Give people and things second chances. 

I wanted a hand cream for Christmas, and Santa in the form of Joe gave me a lovely one. It's Grown Alchemist's Intensive Hand Cream. Also have you been to the site I linked it from? It's my favorite place to search from new makeup/skin stuff/gifts. 

Okay I'm tired of typing now, and you're probably done reading. Time to go check back on my writing and see how many typos I made!