peet rivko


I'm always looking for new skincare - I'm never satisfied. Recently I heard about the brand Peet Rivko through instagram or Man Repeller (can't remember which was first), but it caught my eye because of its short list of ingredients and its claim to be skincare "simplified" (oh and the fact that Aubrey Plaza endorsed it, and I love her).

There are a lot of "natural" products out there for sensitive skin, but the more I try, the more I realize that a lot of brands that are natural are not actually good for people who actually have sensitive skin. 

I found out that I'm extremely sensitive to essential oils - any kind! Like get that out of my facial oils, moisturizers, and cleansers! I've been researching it more and found out a ton of people have problems with essential oils on their faces, too. Some essential oils are only used for added fragrance which is something you should avoid when choosing products. 

Anyway Joe and I were in LA and having terrible skin and decided to try Peet Rivko. "Zero toxins" great! "Zero irritants/fragrances/essential oils" awesome! "Skincare, simplified" yes, please! We ordered a travel kit which comes with a mini cleanser, moisturizer, and oil. Perfect! I love when skincare brands make it easy to try their products. 

Without too much extra fluff, here are my thoughts about it:

I didn't like the cleanser. Joe did, but he doesn't have to take off make up. I felt like the cleanser didn't clean my face at all, so I'm sticking with my avocado oil cleanse from this post.

We both love the moisturizer! And I'm not going to over exaggerate or gush, but simply put, I haven't found a cream (non-oil) facial moisturizer I can use without irritation in two years. And now I have one I can get behind. I have mentioned a few times on my instagram that I'm sick of using oils as my main moisturizer because my face is already oily. This Peet Rivko one soaks in and leaves my face relatively matte, but surprisingly plump. 

We like the facial oil, too. I know I just said I was sick of oils, but I'm sick of using them on my whole face (that T-zone oil, amiright???). After I apply the cream, I take two drops of oil and pat it on to my cheeks, which are my driest parts. 

We just ran out of the travel kit and reordered a large bottle of the moisturizer because we love it so much. I didn't feel the need to order more oil because I have a lot of facial oils at the moment. Right now I've been using the marula oil by Drunk Elephant (which is not pictured below, sorry) over the top if I have especially dry cheeks :) Going into summer though, I think I'll be able to use the cream moisturizer by itself, and it'll be GREAT.