should i get bangs?

“Should I get bangs?” The question of every girl late at night as she looks at herself in the mirror. She’s a little bored with her hair. Maybe bangs will add some extra zest to her life? Or perhaps bangs will somehow transform her into a rockstar? She wants to be a little more edgy. She’s looking for more risk and spontaneity. Bangs are clearly the answer. 

Three years ago I was sitting on the back patio of a favorite bar in Portland, Ore making my husband promise to never let me cut bangs again. I had recently had the aforementioned conversation with myself, questioning my life and “needing a change.” I had heard the cautionary tales of bangs being high maintenance, etcetera, etcetera, but threw caution to the wind and decided to YOLO myself away from the nay-sayers. 

After doing some very thorough research and watching educational videos on YouTube and being supported and cheered on by my husband (who is always supportive when I want to make a change, sometimes to a fault), I cut my own bangs in the bathroom of our apartment. They were cute, but I cut them too wide. I had taken too much hair into that V that you take when you cut your bangs, and they sort of flayed out to the sides. I also suffer from cowlicks along my frontal hairline (is this a term?), so the wider bang didn’t look great. I also suffer from regretting my decisions, and the regret came. Oh, it came. 

They were cool at certain times, and I got a few flattering selfies, but they were mainly a-n-n-o-y-i-n-g.


Since they were so wide, they required a lot to keep them from floating out to the sides constantly. When I would walk, one piece in the middle would fly straight up; I don’t know why. It was a struggle to keep them clean, since I suffer from naturally oily skin and hair (what a blessing), and I hated having to pin them out of the way every morning and night to wash my face. Looking back at pictures at the time I wondered, “did they ever look good?”

About three months into my relationship with Bangs, I decided to end it. I was ready to begin the arduous task of growing them out. A quest that, I was told, could take up to two years to complete. 

And so, that night in the bar after deciding to grow back my front hairs, I made my husband promise to never let me cut them again. I begged him to stop me. Even if I was super excited about them or made an amazing case for them in the future, I gave him strict instructions to keep me away from the scissors. I made him promise so many times. But I knew I couldn’t trust him because he had a twinkle of reluctancy in his eye at the time. After all he always liked when I spontaneously changed my look. But he still promised nonetheless…

Fast forward to two weeks ago. “Should I get bangs?”

There I was again, asking the same question I had warned myself and Joe about. 

“I think I need bangs…for the change…my hair is so boring…what do you think?” The unsurprising answer from my audience of one was “YES!”

Because of my distrust of hairstylists and people in general, I decided to cut them myself once again. “Just do it; don’t overthink it,” chanted my husband.

“Gee thanks for upholding your part of the promise.”

Standing in the bathroom with a (smaller) triangle of hair sectioned out and saying a few what-the-heck-am-I-doing’s under my breath, I finally managed to bring the scissors up to my hair and chop it off. With the help of my husband the cheerleader (“Why are you letting me do this? It’s you job to stop me!”), I managed to cut some pretty nice bangs. 

The whole time I was cutting my hair, I was so mad at myself for succumbing to the Bang Question, but after they were done, I was unexpectedly pleased with them. 

I haven’t wanted to give up on them yet, which is a good sign considering they’ve only been around for less than two weeks. Just like you would hope when making any kind of change, I felt like a new person, and I liked the new me.

I know they’re going to take some maintenance, but when they’re styled, I love the look of them! And to end this story with a cheesy life lesson for me and anyone who cares to attach meaning to a story about fringe:

Sometimes things that are worthwhile take a little extra care. 

The End. 

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