things that feel right


Things that feel right, that feel right in my gut… what a lovely feeling:



Sara and Phil.

Reading books with Joe and stopping every other sentence to talk about it for 20 minutes which makes any book last way longer than it should. And we love it.

Writing. Writing this write now (typo).

Riding motorcycles through the city going to pick up film. Coffee shop stop along the way. Riding motorcycles through the city after a movie on a summer night with Sara and Phil next to us on the loudest scooter.

Going to sit outside at a cafe. Getting the sunny spot and then having to move to the shade because you got way hotter than you thought.

Traveling. A new memory.

Clothing. Style. Pulling on the right thing and suddenly…a mood shift for the better. A day to day armor.

Thrifting. The smell of old people. The thrill of the chase. The victory of a new, cool, unique, thing you didn’t need and no one else will ever have (unless depop).

Taking pictures. Seeing a thing and liking it so much that you want to capture it forever.

Looking at pictures. Seeing a thing you liked so much and now can remember and see again.

Paris. The most beautiful city I have ever been to.

Eating out when you find an amazing new restaurant that sets a new bar. Discovering a flavor you never knew existed, but now you can’t live without.

Smoking, ordering a pizza, and finding a dumb movie or a parental control to watch.

Being in a beautiful nature spot.

The ocean. The colors, the salt, the smell, the sand, the seashells. A picnic on the beach with friends and a fire at night.

Improving. That feeling when you look back and you’re further along in some area of your life without you even noticing.

Self love. Whenever I remember, it feels so right.


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