how to thrift without going insane


Thrifting can be exhausting. For a while I promised myself to only buy new clothes because thrifting was so annoying, and... why would you want to spend money on things that were already worn out? Well...

Lately I've had a change of heart. It could have something to do with my new thrifting technique/stamina. See below for my 100 step guideline on how to thrift. Just kidding. But seriously, read on.


I've been having a lot of success thrifting these days and a lot of energy to go (success begets drive)(that sounded like poetry).

Like any good "how to" on the internet, the strategy is simple and something you probably already thought of.

Before I go into a thrift store, I decide what I'm looking for.

I imagine one or two things I'm hoping to find, and then only look through sections that would have those pieces. For example before I got these pants (up there ^), I decided I wanted navy blue, thick trousers, and then I went to goodwill. I walked straight to the pant section, and only pulled out pants that were navy blue and had a thick texture. I brought all my top nominees to the dressing room and found a winner. I won. And I wasn't even tired because I was searching for like 15 minutes. Then I left. 

Look at all those saved pictures on your instagram, and pick one or two pieces you really want, then give yourself the goal of only looking for those things. It narrows down what your eye sees and leaves you feeling less overwhelmed which in turn keeps you sane in the long run.

Another important tip, don't get something if it's really worn down or you find yourself saying "I can fix it". You're not going to fix it, okay? Get something that's intact. 

When I don't have success, I don't stress because I didn't just spend hours and hours searching through every section, and I know I'll find what I want next time.

The end.

(jacket from h&m, sweater thrifted from vintage pink, pants thrifted from goodwill, loafers thrifted from goodwill, can't really see it, but I got it from a friend who sells vintage)