happy one year


My blog is one year old today. Let's celebrate.


I've tried to start a blog multiple times, but this is the first time it has really worked out. Not because of anything in particular, but simply because it's the right time. 

I beat myself up a lot wishing I would have more accomplished by now. If only I would've cared at an earlier age. Like I should have eaten healthier as a teenager or learned how to be non-shy at a normal developmental age. Wish I would have gotten an art degree. Wish I would have moved away sooner. Wish I started photography earlier. Wish I would have been more brave.

But everything happens at the right time.


I like to think of my 8th grade self sometimes. She was sweet Her defining qualities were "being nice" and "being good at drawing"; she had a crush on the Keeper from Harry Potter, a crush on Legolas/Orlando Bloom, wanted a boyfriend really bad, had the worst teeth ever, was really self-conscience of her glasses that her mom thought were cute, wished she was cooler.

If she could have known that her life was going to be like this (insert every amazing thing I have), she would have been so excited to grow up.

It puts everything back into perspective for me. That no matter where you start, you can improve.


So this celebration is more than just having a dumb blog for one year. It's to celebrate everything that's been accomplished in the last year(s) and to be happy that, no matter where you started, you're here now. 


listen to Aromanticism by Moses Sumney for mood.